Beautiful Recitation of Quran with Amazing Video

April 29, 2013


The Honor of a Woman

January 11, 2013

This is a combination of lectures regarding women in Islam.  They are very informational and motivational.. I hope you like it.  A nice reminder is that Islam elevates the status of women through the hadith in which a companion came to the prophet pbuh asking:  Abu Hurairah, may Allah be pleased with him, reported: A person came to Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) and said: Who among the people is most deserving my companionship (of a kind treatment from me?) He said: Your mother. He, again, said: Then who (is the next one)? He said: It is your mother (who deserves the best treatment from you). He said: Then who (is the next one)? He (the Holy Prophet) said: It is your mother. He (again) said: Then who? Thereupon he (The Prophet (peace be upon him)) said: It is your father.

Most Amazing Views of Natural Wonders

January 23, 2012

This must be one of the most beautiful video productions of several natural wonders such as the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, river deltas and volcanoes.  Subhanallah the wonders which were created.


Behavior Speaks Louder than Words!

December 27, 2011

Many times we go through our daily routines without much thought, even such acts as wudu and prayer.  Once someone passed on a quote, “keep smiling for you never know who may fall in love with it”.  It reminded me that all of our actions count, not just our smile.  Sometimes the smallest of our actions may leave a lasting print on someone we cross paths with.  I will never forget one of my staff: I was required to do a bi-yearly staff evaluation which consisted of sitting in on a few classes and writing up a form and submitting it.  This surely affected her chances of getting a merit raise or other benefits.  However, due to a heavy schedule I was not always able to sit in on the 11 classes with the frequency that I really should have. When it came time to write up the appraisal, I made a few strict comments about her always keeping to herself and not interacting with her peers and a few other classroom management issues.  When she was requested to sign it she turned the form in with stiff replies to all points and the basis was- how could I effectively evaluate her when I had not attended her class more than twice.

In all fairness, she was right.  I had not spent enough time to be able to give her a full evaluation.  Maybe other supervisors would have been upset or felt threatened by such a response from an employee.  However I knew that she was right and was only asking for fair treatment.  In the subsequent portion of the school year, I gained a new respect for the teacher as she put more effort into rectifying her shortfalls.  At the same time, I made more of an effort to appreciate her work and to notice it.  Because of her courage to stand up for what was right, I learned a valuable lesson in dealing with colleagues.  I started to increase my attention of the teachers’ best efforts, and tried to give them support to overcome weak areas.

A few years later I decided to stop working and focus on my family. During that time, this particular teacher sent me a message out of the blue telling me how much she had appreciated working with me and she listed a few things that I had done that had really had a positive affect upon her as a person.  One of them was noticing people and recognizing their value as an individual.  I never thought about that.  It just seemed a normal thing that we should do for each other, yet she was not the only one to mention this point.  Time and again it was said how much I had influenced a person, changed how they looked at things, encouraged them to go past what they thought was their limit, and how I was able to see the lion hiding within the kitten.

I often think back to that message.  It touched me so deeply and made me realize that often its the little things which we do that have an impact on people, hopefully in a positive way.  We may never know or hear of how we touched someone’s life.  Our behavior or actions may be planted as seeds and take a long time to grow, but we know that the seeds are there.  For this reason we should always think how we represent ourselves, as human beings and as Muslims.  Does our behavior coincide with Islamic teachings? Does our hijab or dress present the real teachings or are we tied up in trying to be modern? Are we shy to convey to others what we believe in?

The following video is short but the point is so clear!  What we do– or DON’T do– may have strong effects upon those who come in contact with us.  Let us be aware and try to improve ourselves so that we  can always promote the best knowledge, behaviors and attitudes.

How Should a Muslim Husband Behave Towards his Wife

October 19, 2011

This has got to be one of the cutest videos I have seen in a while.  “Its complicated”

Prepare for the Hearafter Before Tomorrow Never Comes

September 24, 2011

Subhanallah what an amazing video and a great reminder of our final home!  We are living in this life, running after worldly goods, worried about things and problems that really do not deserve our worry and attention .  Let us focus on the hear-after where only our deeds will follow us.  May Allah forgive our sins, strengthen us, guide us to do good and to repent to him before its too late.  Its a reminder that non of us knows when we will die and we go through life thinking that tomorrow will come while we have not prepared ourselves to meet our creator.  Tomorrow might come today.

The Uniqueness of the Holy Quran: It is a Single Unified Version!

May 27, 2011

What I found interesting is that he is making a point which many may not understand— because the Christians to NOT have a unified book which ALL agree upon,, there is no way that they can rewrite from memory if all the bibles were thrown away.  But because there is only ONE version of ARABIC Quran, and thousands have memorized from the first letter to the last, they would be able to rewrite it and have others check and verify its correctness.  This procedure actually still occurs when a new print is made: the raw print is read by scholars to check for typing mistakes, deletions, or additions.  Only once it has been verified can the press go ahead and make the final print out.

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