Lecture Series on Recitation of the Holy Quran

March 14, 2012


iPhone App: Tracking Your Spiritual Development – QamarDeen

January 20, 2012

by Abu Productive

The Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings be upon him) said: He whose two days (of life) are the same (making no spiritual progress) is at loss. Whenever you read this hadeeth, you realize the importance of tracking your progress and how well you’re advancing spiritually each day to becoming a better Muslim. Such a tracking exercise can be tedious, and we tend to rely on our memories which unfortunately can be truly bias in making us feel that we’re doing far better than we actually are.

Well, today I want to show you a beautiful iPhone app that helps you achieve just that. The app allows you to record your prayers, Quran reading, charity and fasting and visualize your progress in a beautiful intuitive user interface. Oh, and it’s FREE!

BatoulApps one of the pioneers of useful and beautiful Islamic apps on the Apple Store have come up with Qamar Deen.  An Islamic personal development app that every Muslim should download.

What does QamarDeen do?

iphone app

The concept behind QamarDeen is simple but the impact on your spiritual life is amazing. The app allows you to record your prayers, Quran reading, charity and fasting. It also allows you to visualize your progress and see how well you’re developing each day to becoming a better Muslim in those areas. This powerful ability to record and see your progress is a powerful booster to constantly improving yourself and not falling behind.

The beauty of this app is the level of detail it tries to capture in your spiritual development, e.g. For your prayers, not only does it capture your 5 daily prayers, but it even captures how ‘complete’ your prayers are, e.g. It’ll ask you if you prayed Jama’ah + Sunnahs for each prayer or simply prayed at home. You can even record when you prayed extra prayers like Dhuha or Qiyam. The app caters for sisters as well and does not penalize their spiritual progress in terms of Salah during their ‘off days’.

 Moreover, the app even addresses one of the biggest objections to this type of tracking “What if other people see my progress?! I don’t want them to know I missed fajr this morning?!” No worries, QamarDeen got this sorted with a passcode lock ability so only you can access your app and track your progress.

You can see that a lot of effort and thought went into this app and the developers at BatoulApps worked extremely hard to ensure that this app delivers the result and impact intended on Muslims wordlwide. For any productiveMuslim out there with an iPhone, I highly recommend this app to keep track of how well you’re developing spiritually and ensuring that no two days are the same for you insha’Allah.

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Common Mistakes Made During Prayer

July 13, 2011

Faithful praying towards Makkah; Umayyad Mosqu...

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Many of us learned how to pray on our own through books, others by practicing knowledgeable Muslims, and others from believers who themselves know or understand little about Islam.  In all cases, learning new points, or refreshing our information only serves to increase our deen and our iman.  Please watch this short video to gain more knowledge of how prayer can be complete and satisfying not only to Allah but also for ourselves.

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January 29, 2011

Muslim mother teaching her children








Motherhood: The pivot of humanity


By Faraz Omar | Saudi Life

Tuesday, 25 May 2010 09:06

(this article was used from Saudi Life link: http://saudilife.net/life-and-society/92-life-and-society/222-motherhood-the-pivot-of-humanity)

I WILL never forget the 15-day summer Islamic classes I was part of in India in 2005. It was the first time I was teaching a class of toddlers. They were surely going to be different from the older boys I was used to. It was also the first time I would teach girls. That hardly crossed my mind though. Toddlers are all the same (be they boys or girls), was my presumption.

Boy, was I wrong!

A week of classes later, a tiny girl came up to me shyly and handed me a glittery paper that said something like this: “Dear brother Faraz, I like you. Thank you for teaching us Seerah of the Prophet (peace be upon him). With love, so-and-so.”

I was taken aback, spell-bound and totally at loss of words. It was the first time I received such a loving letter. I thanked her a lot and then thought about it the whole day. The following days more and more girls came up with bigger letters that were more decorated and more loving.

The boys? Ha! Good one. Seated on the left-hand-side of the same classroom, they didn’t even bother to know what was happening. Not a word of thanks! All they knew was, “It’s time to play when the bell rings.”

That experience was when I realized, being the typical male I am, how tender the hearts of girls were. That was when I could truly appreciate this creation of Allah. He created males and females with different characteristics – strengths and weaknesses – that would complement each other and suit the roles they were to play. And toddlers are closer to the natural state in which children are born.

The emotional strength, the love and the care a woman is blessed with cannot be fully expressed in words. But it can be felt in the boundless mercy and sacrifice of a mother (and wife).

For nine months she carries the child – a sentence that’s a cliché now, but the miracle certainly not – and she delivers through the pangs and pains of labor – what no macho man on earth will have the strength to bear, let alone be capable.

When the baby arrives in her hands, her pains are forgotten, her struggles are not worthy anymore (in her eyes), because her heart is already with the apple of her eye. She then goes through sleepless nights only so her baby would sleep tight; her comfort and respite is in her baby’s delight; and her sadness is in her baby’s unhappiness. She brings up the baby teaching everything it needs until it’s ready to face the world and contribute to the continuation of humanity.

Social engineering

One of the greatest crimes of our generation – an outrageous blasphemy, a satanic deception – is that the world today doesn’t appreciate women for who they are, for what they do, and for the crucial role they play. Feminism, heavily promoted by the media, has wrecked havoc across countries by redefining the social balance. Read the rest of this entry »


October 22, 2010

IOU PRESS RELEASElogo islamic open university

From the 1st of April, Dr Bilal Philip’s Islamic Online University (IOU) launched the world’s first tuition-free, Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Studies in English completely online. A major new step towards helping Muslims across the globe fulfill the Prophet’s command to seek knowledge of the religion and correct their understanding of its tenets.

After successfully running a collection of 20 free diploma courses since 2007 in which more than 30,000 students are currently registered from more than 177 different countries, Dr Bilal has taken the bold step of offering a BA along similar lines.

This path-breaking initiative utilizes the worldwide presence of the internet and advanced open source online learning technology to bring tuition-free university level Islamic education within reach of virtually anyone on the planet that has access to a computer and the internet.

The program has recorded audio and video lectures and weekly live tutorial classes in a virtual classroom setting on the net and its syllabus is based on the BA in Usool ud-Deen (Religious Foundations) curriculums of Madeenah University, Saudi Arabia, Omdurman Islamic University, Sudan, Al-Azhar in Egypt and other similar reputable Islamic institutions. Six subjects are offered each semester. Each semester is 5 months, having an online mid-term exam after two and a half months and a supervised final online at the end of the fifth month. Students are free to access their classes whenever it is convenient for them, however assignments have to be turned in and exams (mid-term and finals) have to be taken at fixed times.

There are no fees for the courses. However, there is a fixed modest registration and examination fee each semester which is calculated on a sliding scale (from $10 to $50) depending on the student’s country of residence. Enrollment for the fall semester (September 2010 – January 2011) has just begun at www.islamiconlineuniversity.com and for further clarification or help, the registrar may be contacted at:

mobile: +974 5554 3968, office: +974 44868458

email: registrar@islamiconlineuniversity.com

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