The Honor of a Woman

This is a combination of lectures regarding women in Islam.  They are very informational and motivational.. I hope you like it.  A nice reminder is that Islam elevates the status of women through the hadith in which a companion came to the prophet pbuh asking:  Abu Hurairah, may Allah be pleased with him, reported: A person came to Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) and said: Who among the people is most deserving my companionship (of a kind treatment from me?) He said: Your mother. He, again, said: Then who (is the next one)? He said: It is your mother (who deserves the best treatment from you). He said: Then who (is the next one)? He (the Holy Prophet) said: It is your mother. He (again) said: Then who? Thereupon he (The Prophet (peace be upon him)) said: It is your father.


2 Responses to The Honor of a Woman

  1. ania says:

    Islam is only behavior modification, social order, rules, regulations, good works to deserve salvation or religious duties but christianity is all about personal relationship with God who comes to dwell in our hearts and change us from within and empower us to live a holy, pure life out of unity and fellowship with God Himself. He is God who made us His children and saved us by His grace and love so that we would experience His love and serve Him out of love and gratitude, not out of threat or condemnation. God is love.

  2. Then you have understood Islam incorrectly because as you described God is also in Islam. May I point out that ever chapter of the Quran except maybe one or two start out with “In the name of God most gracious most merciful” And in Islam we have a continual connection with God through out the whole day and needs to intercession or priest to pray on our behalf, its a direct two way phone call between God and ourselves every time we pray.. In a very well known hadith, God describes his relationship with people: “Allah says, ‘I am as my servant expects Me to be, and I am with him when he remembers me. If he thinks of Me, I think of him. If he mentions Me in company, I mention him in an even better company. When he comes closer to Me by a handspan, I come closer to him an arm’s length. If he draws closer to Me by an arm’s length, I draw closer by a distance of two outstretched arms nearer to him. If my servant comes to Me walking, I go to him running.” (Al-Bukhari)

    I hope you have the chance to learn Islam correctly even if just for knowledge sake. What you hear on TV and other media is not the correct version and I admit many of my fellow Muslims do not know Islam fully nor do they practice it properly. May God Guide us all.

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