Real happiness and peace can be found in submitting to the commands of the Creator and the Sustainer of this world. God has said in the Quran:

“Truly, in remembering God do hearts find rest.” (Quran 13:28 )

On the other hand, the one who turns away from the Quran will have a life of hardship in this world. God has said:

“But whoever turns away from the Quran, he will have a hard life, and We will raise him up blind on the Day of Judgment.” (Quran 20:124)

This may explain why some people commit suicide while they enjoy the material comfort money can buy. For example, look at Cat Stevens (now Yusuf Islam), formerly a famous pop singer who used to earn sometimes more than $150,000 a night. After he converted to Islam, he found true happiness and peace, which he had not found in material success.


i.e. neither believes in the Quran nor acts on its orders.

The present mailing address of Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam), in case you would like to ask him about his feelings after he converted to Islam, is: 2 Digswell Street, London N7 8JX, United Kingdom.


Value and blessing in having girls:
Bismillah Walhamdulillah Was Salaatu Was Salaam `ala Rasulillah
As-Salaam Alaikum Wa-Rahmatullahi Wa-Barakatuhu

Narrated by Anas bin Malik(Radhiallaho anho):
Allah’s Messenger (sallAllaahu `alaihi wasallam) said: : He who brought up two girl properly till they grew up, he and I would come (together) (very closely) on the Day of Resurrection, and he
interlaced his fingers (for explaining the point of nearness between him and that person).

Sahih Muslim Number 6364 [this referes to the person who collected and verified the authenticity of the sayings or actions recorded. Some of these people include Muslem, Bukhari, Tirmidthi, Ahmed etc) The best and most reliable sayings/hadith are those graded as SAHIH


elm tree

Narrated by Jabir ibn Abdullah (Radhiallaho anho):
Allah’s Messenger (sallAllaahu ‘alaihi wasallam) said: Never a Muslim plants a tree, but he has the reward of charity for him, for what is eaten out of that is charity; what is stolen out of that, what the beast eat out of that, what the birds eat out of that is charity for him. (In short) none incurs a loss to him but it becomes a charity on his part.
Sahih Muslim Number 3764


The love God has to His creation:
Narrated by Abu Huraira (Radhiallaho anho):
Allah’s Messenger (sallAllaahu `alaihi wasallam) said that Allah thus stated:
When My servant draws close to Me by the span of a palm, I draw close to him by the space of a cubit, and when he draws close to Me by the space of a cubit, I draw close to him by the space (covered) by two hands, and when he draws close to Me by the space (covered) by two hands, I go in hurry towards him.

Sahih Muslim Number 6473



Narrated by Abu Huraira (Radhiallaho anho): give in charity to those in need
Allah’s Messenger (sallAllaahu `alaihi wasallam) said: A servant says: My wealth, my wealth, but out of his wealth three things are only his: whatever he eats and makes use of, or by means of which he dresses himself and it wears out or he gives as charity, and this is what he stored for himself (as a reward for the Hereafter), and what is beyond this (it is of no use to you) because you are to depart and leave it for other people.

Sahih Muslim Number 7063


As-Salaam Alaikum Wa-Rahmatullahi Wa-Barakatuhu

Narrated by Abu Huraira (Radhiallaho anho):
Allah’s Messenger (sallAllaahu ‘alaihi wasallam) said: When a man dies, his acts come to an end, but three, recurring charity, or knowledge (by which people) benefit, or a pious son, who prays for him (for the deceased).

Sahih Muslim Number 4005

Bismillah Walhamdulillah Was Salaatu Was Salaam ‘ala Rasulillah
As-Salaam Alaikum Wa-Rahmatullahi Wa-Barakatuhu
Narrated by AbuDharr(Radhiallaho anho):
Allah’s Messenger (sallAllaahu ‘alaihi wasallam) said: In the morning charity is due from every bone in the body of every one of you. Every utterance of Allah’s glorification is an act of charity. Every utterance of praise of Him is an act of charity, every utterance of profession of His Oneness is an act of charity, every utterance of profession of His Greatness is an act of charity, enjoining good is an act of charity, forbidding what is disreputable is an act of charity, and two rak’ahs which one prays in the forenoon will suffice.
Sahih Muslim Number 1557

Narrated by Abu Huraira (Radhiallaho anho):
Allah’s Messenger (sallallaahu ‘alaihi wasallam)said, “If somebody gives in charity something equal to a date from his honestly earned money–for nothing ascends to Allah except good–then Allah will take it in His Right (Hand) and bring it up for its owner as anyone of you brings up a baby horse, till it becomes like a mountain.” Abu Huraira said: The Prophet. said, “Nothing ascends to Allah except good.”

Sahih Al-Bukhari Vol. 9 : No. 525B

Hadeeth No. 1328 – Narrated Ibn Masud:

I heard the Prophet saying, “There is no envy except in two: a
person whom Allah has given wealth and he spends it in the right way,
and a person whom Allah has given wisdom (i.e. religious knowledge)
and he gives his decisions accordingly and teaches it to the others.”




Narrated by Aws ibn Aws ath-Thqafi(Radhiallaho anho):

I heard Allah’s Messenger (sallAllaahu `alaihi wasallam) say: If
anyone makes (his wife) wash and he washes himself on Friday, goes
out early (for Friday prayer), attends the sermon from the beginning,
walking, not riding, takes his seat near the imam, listens
attentively, and does not indulge in idle talk, he will get the
reward of a year’s fasting and praying at night for every step he

Sunan of Abu-Dawood 345



Narrated by Abdullah ibn Abbas(Radhiallaho anho):

Allah’s Messenger (sallAllaahu `alaihi wasallam) said :If anyone
continually asks pardon, Allah will appoint for him a way out of
every distress, and a relief from every anxiety, and will provide for
him from where he did not reckon.

Sunan of Abu-Dawood 1513


Narrated by Abdullah ibn Amr ibn al-`As(Radhiallaho anho):

Allah’s Messenger (sallAllaahu `alaihi wasallam) said :The
supplication which gets the quickest answer is that made by one
distant Muslim for another.

Sunan of Abu-Dawood 1530


Narrated by Abdullah ibn Abbas(Radhiallaho anho):

Allah’s Messenger (sallAllaahu `alaihi wasallam) used to supplicate
Allah: “My Lord, help me and do not give help against me; grant me
victory, and do not grant victory over me; plan on my behalf and do
not plan against me; guide me, and made my right guidance easy for
me; grant me victory over those who act wrongfully towards me; O
Allah, make me grateful to Thee, mindful of Thee, full of fear
towards Thee, devoted to Thy obedience, humble before Thee, or
penitent. My Lord, accept my repentance, wash away my sin, answer my supplication, clearly establish my evidence, guide my heart, make true my tongue and draw out malice in my breast.”

Sunan of Abu-Dawood 1505


Narrated by Abu Hurairah(Radhiallaho anho): 
Allah’s Messenger (sallAllaahu `alaihi wasallam) having said :Allah, 
Most High, says: “I make a third with two partners as long as one of 
them does not cheat the other, but when he cheats him, I depart from  them.”

 Sunan of Abu-Dawood 3337



The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “No pair of Muslims will lose three (of their children) by death without God bringing them into Paradise by His great mercy.” He was asked if that applied if they lost two children, and he said it did. He was also asked if it applied if they lost one child, and he said it did. Then the Prophet said: “By Him in Whose hand my soul (resides), (even) the (aborted fetus) draws his mother to Paradise by his umbilical cord when she seeks her reward for him from God.”

Al-Tirmidhi, Hadith 552








12 Responses to HADITH

  1. Noorah says:

    aslam 3alkoom
    hi evryone i wasnt sure where i could ask qustions at ?
    am 19 years old, half american half sudi am muslim.
    my mom converted to islam 22 yeras ago al7mdolilah
    but her hole family is still Christen
    we live in Sudi arbia but we come to the stats every year for summer and visit moms family. i was talking to my granmdma lasnight and she told me that she isn’t a Christen any more that now she dosnt really have a religion and she doesnt beleve there is a god. that no god would ever let all this eavil happen in this world. and if there was a god she beleves that he would be crying over whats happing with the earth. she was telling me how she beleves evrything happed by nature.. i was shoked with evrything she was saying! it was so hard on one hand its Isalam my religion and the stuff she said hurt on the other hand shes my grandma and i really wish shed convert to Islam. my grandfather is still Christen and beleves in heaven and hell but granmdma doesnt at first i was horrified but then i thought its a good thing she relised Christen isnt right .. but how do i convince her that Islam is the right way?

  2. Sakina & Sara says:

    salams, please see the article for the response, thanks for your comments!!

  3. Arwa says:

    Wa laycom Salam >>
    hi Noorah>
    Ihave following advice wich may help u . frst:do nt sow your grandma ur enthusiasm and argue hr kindly.second :you shoud be a god i deal 2 give her true image about I slam. Third:show her ur love,care and kindness.Have good moral s and manners with ur family. andthis way she will love u and ur religion . Then,gradually start 2 tell her facts abut Islam about islam and unives>
    May Allah help u >do not forget2 pray 4 her
    Thank u

  4. Arwa says:

    In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

    Today, I want toshare with you nice story about one of the Follower f prophet Mohammad pace be upon him he is (RABIAH IBN KA’AB) Radhia Allahu Anaha-and I wish you will benefite from it.

    RABIAH IBN KA’AB Radhia Allahu Anaha
    Here is the story of Rabiah told in his own words (It was still quit young when the light of Iman shown through me and my heart was opened to teaching of Islam .And when my eyes beheld the messenger of God ,for the first time I loved him with a love that possessed my entire being. I love him to the exculpation of every one else .
    One day I said to my self :
    (woe to you Rabiah ,why you do not put your self completely in the service of messenger of God pace be upon him . Go and suggest this to him .If he is pleased with you , you would find happiness in being near him .You will be successful through love for him and you will have the good fortune of obtaining the good in this world and the good in the next .
    This I did hoping that he would accept me in this service .He did not dash my hopes. He was a pleased that I should be his servant . From that day , I lived in the shadow of the noble prophet . I went with him where ever he went .
    I would serve him throughout the day. When the day was over and he had prayed salat –Al-Isha and he tired to his home , Would think about leaving . But I would soon say to myself :
    ‘Where would you go, Rabi’ah? Perhaps you may be required to do something for the Prophet during the night.’ So I would remain seated at his door and would not leave the threshold of his house. The Prophet would spend part of his night engaged in Salat. I would hear him reciting the opening chapter of the Quran and he would continue reciting sometimes for a third or a half of the night. I would become tired and leave or my eyes would get the better of me and I would fail asleep.
    It was the habit of the Prophet, peace be on him, that if someone did him a good turn, he loved to repay that person with something more excellent. He wanted to do something for me too in return for my service to him. So one day he came up tome and said: ‘O Rabi’ah ibn Kab.’ ‘Labbayk ya rasulullah wa Sadark – At your command, O Messenger of God and may God grant you happiness,’ I responded. ‘Ask of me anything and I will give it to you.’
    I thought a little and then said: ‘Give me some time, O Messenger of God, to think about what I should ask of
    you. Then I will let you know.’ He agreed.
    At that time, I was a young man and poor. I had neither family, nor wealth, nor place of abode. I used to shelter in the Suffah of the mosque with other poor Muslims like myself. People used to call us the “guests of Islam”. Whenever any Muslim brought so mething in charity to the Prophet, he would send it all to us. And if someone gave him a gift he would take some of it and leave the rest for us.
    So, it occurred to me to ask the Prophet for some worldly good that would save me from poverty and make me like others who had wealth, wife and children. Soon, however, I said: ‘May you perish Rabi’ah. The world is temporary and will pass away. You have y our share of sustenance in it which God has guaranteed and which must come to you. The Prophet, peace be on him, has a place with his Lord and no request would be refused him. Request him therefore, to ask Allah to grant you something of the bounty of the hereafter.’
    I felt pleased and satisfied with this thought. I went to the Prophet and he asked: ‘What do you say, O Rabi’ah?’ ‘O Messenger of God,’ I said, ‘I ask you to beseech God most High on my behalf to make me your companion in Paradise.’
    ‘Who has advised you thus?’ asked the Prophet.
    ‘No by God,’ I said, ‘No one has advise me. But when you told me ‘Ask of me anything and I will give to you,’ I thought of asking you for something of the goodness of this world. But before long, I was guided to choose what is permanent and lasting agains t what is temporary and perishable. And so I have asked you to beseech God on my behalf that I may be your companion in Paradise.’
    The Prophet remained silent for a long while and then asked: ‘Any other request besides that, Rabi’ah?’ ‘No, O Messenger of God, Nothing can match what I have asked you.’ ‘Then, in that case, assist me for your sake by performing much prostration to God.’
    So I began to exert myself in worship in order to attain the good fortune of being with the Prophet in Paradise just as I had the good fortune of being in his service and being his companion in this world.


    We learned from the story many lessons . First, prophet Mohammad peace be upon him could transform the ignorant society into a modern and educated one. Through being a model teacher his followers learned many useful things .For example, they became high endeavor and they did not care about the lowest things. Also, they learned how to benefit from opportunities and not to loose them. But the most important thing which attracted our attention was the value of prostration.

  5. Hamza Zubairi says:

    Masha Allah it is a good way of teaching and telling about Islam.

  6. Asma says:

    Mashallah, beautiful compilation! I hope I improve as a Muslim in all ways.
    Reading this made me realize I lack in a lot of things, for example, I don’t make dua for my friends/family when they are away, yet one of the Hadith you put says it is the dua that is answered the fastest. So inshallah I will put that into practice.

  7. We all can find things to improve on, and its great to do a self reflection and to see where we are going and how to improve. Thanks for your comment! Sakina

  8. Coretta Gonales says:

    Rather superb entry, definitely useful stuff. Never ever considered I’d find the facts I need right here. I have been looking everywhere in the internet for some time now and had been starting to get discouraged. Fortunately, I happened across your blog and received precisely what I was searching for.

  9. Thanks, hopefully new content will continue to come.. please check back frequently.

  10. mariam says:

    may allah unite all mulims

  11. Salam says:

    Jazakallahu khairan sisters, may Allah reward you for what you are
    doing for your love of Allah. MashaAllah!

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