ImageA boy saw a BEAUTIFUL girl that captured his heart. He went to his dad as he wanted to marry her.

His dad responded, “No you don’t deserve her. I will take her for myself!”

They had a disagreement, so they went to the city’s judge to solve the problem. He told them “neither you or him will marry her, I’m the one who deserves her!”

They all began to quarrel and went to the governor of the city! Of course we all know what happened! he also wanted her for himself. They all wanted her for themselves.

Finally the girl said, “We will make a race in the Forest and you will all chase me and whoever catches me is the winner!”

They ran and ran and ran and finally not realizing an abyss the four men fall in a deep abyss! they all settled in the deep hole staring at the girl who looked down at them and said, “I’m the Dunya! no matter how you chase me you will end up in this hole!” 

Oh ALLAH. Keep us aware of our PURPOSE OF LIFE. Oh ALLAH enable us to fulfill our purpose. Oh ALLAH help us fulfill this purpose. Aameen


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