Ten Minutes and Thirty Nine Seconds to Change Your Life

As-salaamalikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakato,

Subhanallah I just got an email with this link at this time of the morning and the 10 min and 39 secs had a profound impact on me. We should keep this video and review it every so often (perhaps even weekly or monthly) to remind us what and where our ultimate destination will be. It is a good video for us ladies as we do not visit the graves!

I have been so busy purchasing household items at the moment and trying to make my villa “cozy”. We have been living in an empty shell for two and half years with bear minimum: enough to keep us going, not enough to have that cozy feeling though. I am nesting, but my main intention is to ensure that when my family visit (when the baby arrives insha’allah) they are comfortable in my home and will leave with a feeling of not wishing to.

I (cannot speak for you all) do forget in the normal hum drum of life the things I should be really preparing for. My ultimate permanent abode: I lack in this in so many ways. This video has come on a day when I had to witness so much fitnah on national day riding through Riyadh tonight (may Allah guide all the people I saw today). The music and dancing etc was just so alien to me now that I have moved away from the UK, but I really found the whole scene intrusive and got a little angry that my children had to witness it! May Allah protect us and our children.

This video will definitively move you.

I pray that you all use your time and energies to accumulate the good deeds, may Allah accept your deeds, may you do them for His sake only, may you reap the rewards, may He expand your graves until you all rise to meet your Creator. May we help each other as sisters in Islam to remind each other, help each other, guide each other to our Creator and insha’Allah Jannah Firdaws. Ameen


Pass this link on to those you know…….it is a great reminder.


Love you all


Fei Amaan Allah (always and forever)




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