There are Times in Life, You Just Have to Laugh

I just had to post this article to share with you all,,from the son of a dear friend, Ahmad makes an important point that too often we forget. Sometimes life just runs away with us and we need to find a way to put on the brakes!!! Enjoy and watch his link for future interesting posts..



A typical day for me consists of being locked up in a classroom on campus all day and then coming home to enjoy the constant yelling of my 2 year old sister…there’s no such thing as silence in our home. A couple nights ago I get home, sit at the table, start eating dinner and working on my laptop. Being the nosy little thing that she is my sister comes by pokes around in my backpack, try’s to pick food off my plate and is just being a nuisance. Later on she asks me to open the wrapper to a chocolate for her. I open the wrapper and she runs off happily. A few minutes later the troll returns, sits next to me and smiles. (She might only be 2 but she knew exactly what she was about to do) Smiling, she looks at me, throws the chocolate at me and then immediately smacks her chocolate infested hands all over the keyboard on my MacBook…now I’m livid. At the time I was PISSED! But I’m writing about it now and laughing as I look at her.

washing a keyboard

not recommended

Sometimes we need to stop for a second and ask ourselves how significant is what just happened. Steven Covey wrote about the 90/10 principle; “10% of life is made up of what happens to you. 90% of life is decided by how you react.” Had I taken this principle into consideration before steaming through my ears I probably would’ve laughed and taken a few good photos I could have posted. Instead I just have a bunch of words on a page and a little sister who will probably do it again since she gets a kick out of making me mad. All it really took was the swipe of a paper towel to clean the mess, so I obviously overacted to such an insignificant thing.

Were always going to be faced with some type of adversity or hardship no matter what we do in life. But don’t be afraid to just pause for a moment and laugh, you’d be amazed at how much more fun things are when your not taking them so seriously.


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  1. amatullah1 says:

    Woww..i liked this! *smile*

    Thank you for sharing it!

    Amatullah @

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