Books by Umm Zakiyyah

There is an American sister who reverted to Islam many years ago and she shares her writing talent  with her growing number of fans.  Umm Zakiyyah is known for several great reads such as: “If I Should Speak”, “A Voice” and “Footsteps” just to mention a few.  Summaries for these can be read at:

This sister has such a great ability to create story lines which put the reader inside the story, create a sense of intense emotion, and to make dawa through the novel format.  If you are up to a great read, check one of these out from your local library (if its not available– request it!!) or order from online book resources.

Recently, some of her shorter writings have been published in Sauidlife, which is where I took the following excerpt.  If you like this, please go to the home site of Saudilife for more wonderful posts….




TEARS nearly filled my eyes as I read the e-mail. The words reminded me of all the converts to Islam that I had spoken to, coached, and counseled over the years. Some still held on to their faith. Some had returned to Islam after having stopped practicing for some time. Others simply let go and weren’t looking back…


Yes, that’s what they needed.

Peace of mind. And tranquility…serenity

An open door where others have closed. An open heart where others have hardened. An open mind where others had no capacity to understand.

And open ears where others offered neither time nor sympathy for the spiritual storms erupting in their hearts…

For they, these remarkable pioneers of Islam, had—after realizing its veracity, its undeniable truth, and its offer of internal peace—turned to Islam, turned to Allah…

And embraced His Religion…


They were turned away and scorned by non-Muslim family and friends…

And by insensitive Muslims….




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  1. Jazak’ALLAH very nice sharing

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