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Motherhood: The pivot of humanity


By Faraz Omar | Saudi Life

Tuesday, 25 May 2010 09:06

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I WILL never forget the 15-day summer Islamic classes I was part of in India in 2005. It was the first time I was teaching a class of toddlers. They were surely going to be different from the older boys I was used to. It was also the first time I would teach girls. That hardly crossed my mind though. Toddlers are all the same (be they boys or girls), was my presumption.

Boy, was I wrong!

A week of classes later, a tiny girl came up to me shyly and handed me a glittery paper that said something like this: “Dear brother Faraz, I like you. Thank you for teaching us Seerah of the Prophet (peace be upon him). With love, so-and-so.”

I was taken aback, spell-bound and totally at loss of words. It was the first time I received such a loving letter. I thanked her a lot and then thought about it the whole day. The following days more and more girls came up with bigger letters that were more decorated and more loving.

The boys? Ha! Good one. Seated on the left-hand-side of the same classroom, they didn’t even bother to know what was happening. Not a word of thanks! All they knew was, “It’s time to play when the bell rings.”

That experience was when I realized, being the typical male I am, how tender the hearts of girls were. That was when I could truly appreciate this creation of Allah. He created males and females with different characteristics – strengths and weaknesses – that would complement each other and suit the roles they were to play. And toddlers are closer to the natural state in which children are born.

The emotional strength, the love and the care a woman is blessed with cannot be fully expressed in words. But it can be felt in the boundless mercy and sacrifice of a mother (and wife).

For nine months she carries the child – a sentence that’s a cliché now, but the miracle certainly not – and she delivers through the pangs and pains of labor – what no macho man on earth will have the strength to bear, let alone be capable.

When the baby arrives in her hands, her pains are forgotten, her struggles are not worthy anymore (in her eyes), because her heart is already with the apple of her eye. She then goes through sleepless nights only so her baby would sleep tight; her comfort and respite is in her baby’s delight; and her sadness is in her baby’s unhappiness. She brings up the baby teaching everything it needs until it’s ready to face the world and contribute to the continuation of humanity.

Social engineering

One of the greatest crimes of our generation – an outrageous blasphemy, a satanic deception – is that the world today doesn’t appreciate women for who they are, for what they do, and for the crucial role they play. Feminism, heavily promoted by the media, has wrecked havoc across countries by redefining the social balance.

Women are expected to become men. You have a job only when you are hired by a company as a worker. So, a homemaker – a full time wife or a fulltime mother – is essentially a “jobless” or “unemployed” woman who “wastes” her skill. Motherhood is not even considered a job. It has become an unworthy trait and a sign of debasement. Women are expected to get out of this “dishonored occupation” for a mirage of success.

Moreover, a woman who – out of necessity or passion for a service that requires her contribution – works for companies is put on a 9-10 hour shift like men, because she has nothing worthy to do back home. Her primary responsibility is shattered. Her husband’s rights are left high and dry. Her own children must be brought up by another woman (maid), which by the way is now a sign of “advancement.”

What has been the result of this media’s onslaught against humanity, this social engineering of society that began in the West in the name of feminism and liberation of women? Nine out of 10 working women in Britain would love to quit their jobs and stay at home taking care of their children if only they could afford it (Daily Mail, 2006); families are a threatened social structure; more children are born out of wedlock, and mostly to young teenagers (which has been significantly controlled by promoting “safe sex” and condoms); and American women are less happier than they were 50 years ago. These are lessons to learn.

As every now and then the masters of this revolution must know the effect of their barrage, a survey was conducted in March 2010 in 25 non-Muslim countries, with the exception of Turkey (which stills comes out as a secular country), to see the attitudes men and women have with regard to the role of women. One out of four said a woman’s place is at home. Men and women equally attested to this. Consider the nature of this poll’s statement. It is much more conservative than, for instance, ‘a woman’s primary responsibility is at home.’ Moreover, the selected countries are the least conservative in the world. This is the result after decades of propaganda. The highest percentage – 54% of men and women who agreed – was from India, a country that will now be specially targeted.

Feminist propaganda is now sweeping across the Muslim world. It calls for vigilance and proactive steps on our part to differentiate between genuinely-needed Islamic reforms and satanic fabrications in the guise of reforms. It calls for localized solutions that addresses women’s issues as well as protects the institution of family.

Mother, O mother!

To set things straight, let me tell you O mother that you are not scum; you are not a jobless woman; and you are definitely not a parasite. But you O mother hold the most important job in the world, though it is not recognized. Do not let them deprive you of this honor. You are unique and there is no substitute for you. You make the family. You serve your husband with a smile. Your occupation raises you to an unchallenged position – a height that no man can ever reach. You are three times more important than the father. You are an entire institution in yourself. You bring out tomorrow’s leaders. You drive the world to the future. Your love is unparalleled. Your life is a jihad. And your death is the death of humanity.


What more can be said of you, O mother, when even Paradise lies at your feet?!





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