Controlling Anger!

Have you ever wondered why we get so angry at times?  Some of us stew on low steam, others wait until they can no longer keep their feeilngs inside and burt out in a rage.. others are angry all  of the time.  And a few have learned the gift– and yes I believe it is a gift – of being able to control anger.  We all get angry. Anger is a normal emotion and there is nothing intrinsically wrong with anger. It is how we deal or actually do NOT deal with our anger.  Being able to understand ourselves, our threshholds, and how to manage anger is a vital skill which helps us to interact with others on a positive scale.  Below is a great video about anger and how it actually follows other emotions.  If we can learn to control other basic desires and emotions– we will in the end learn to control – and maybe even channel- anger into a useful and positive force in our lives.


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