This Life Needs Patience and Gratitude

So many of us do not have this vital trait in our lives.  We rush around daily trying to manage all of the demands placed upon us, yet we do so in a very rushed and sometimes rude manner.  If we consider all of the verses written in the Holy Quran, we can clearly see that God has placed a very high value and importance upon patience.  Whether we are dealing with a lazy, demanding or incompetent boss, annoying coworker, frustrating relative or impudent children, we must make the effort to handle each situation with patience, gratitude and tolerance.  Many times I wonder why a person is being rude, cold or demanding and I eventually find out I cannot comprehend what his or her day has been like; the personal problems they may be dealing with on top of heavy work load or horrible upper management.  Patience and gratitude surely work hand in hand for we should feel gratitude for our situation and know that no matter how bad it may seem, we are better off than many others in this world.

Below is a video by the renowned scholar Abu Bilal Philips:  I do hope that you gain benefit and follow up with other videos he has posted.



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