FLOWER POEM ABOUT FORGIVINGThere is a story narrated by Anas Ibn Maalik ,, as he and some fellow companions were sitting with the Prophet (SAW) once when the Prophet (SAW) said :
“A man from the dwellers of paradise will walk in now.” Shortly after, a man entered whose beard was dripping wet from ablution (wudu) and he held his slippers in his left hand.

For the next two days, the Prophet (SAW) would say this each time and the same man would walk in upon the Prophet (SAW)’s words.

When the Prophet (SAW) left the gathering, Abdullaah Ibn Amr went to the man and asked permission to spend 3 nights in his house.

So for those 3 nights, Abdullaah Ibn Amr studied the man but did not notice him to make any extra effort in performing extra deeds. After the 3 nights, Abdullaah Ibn Amr told the man that he had in fact asked to stay at his house in order to imitate him, because the Prophet (SAW) had said that he will become a dweller of paradise . .

He asked him:
“How did you reach such status to deserve what the Prophet (SAW) said about you?”

The man then replied:
“My deeds are nothing more than what you saw, except that every night before I sleep, I forgive everyone who has wronged me and do not hold grudges against them.”

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