How Great Wudu Is!

Abu Uthmaan said:

I was with Salmaan (ra) under a tree and he took a dry branch and began to shake it until its leaves fell to the ground.

He said: O Abu Uthmaan! Will you not ask me why I am doing this?
autumn tree leaves falling
I said: Why are you doing this?
He said: The Messenger (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) did the same to me while I was with him under a tree. He took a dry branch and began to shake it until all the leaves fell to the ground.
Then he said: O Salmaan! Will you not ask me why I am doing this? So I said: And why are you doing this? & he replied : “Indeed (each time) the Muslim performs wudhoo and beautifies it, then performs the five prayers his sins fall from him just like these leaves have fallen”

and then he (peace & blessing may be upon him recited the verse:

Establish the prayer at the two ends of the day and at the approaches of the night. Indeed the good deeds remove the evil deeds. This is the reminder for those who remember. (Surah Hud 11:114)


4 Responses to How Great Wudu Is!

  1. oriana says:

    Great? More like obsessive-compulsive disorder.

  2. oriana says:

    Demeaning to women.

    After touching his wife a man is to ‘wash’ with ‘clean dirt’.

    So a woman is dirtier than dirt.

  3. No this is not correct information as both must wash after having sexual intercourse. Does that mean the man is filthy too since most of the discharge in amount is from men??? You have not educated yourself with *correct* or *full materials*. Wudu is for all an equal blessed action. Would you go to church with dirt all over? Should we not come to prayers in a state of cleanliness out of respect for God? If we consider that when a man has a wet dream he must also take the shower of purification, how does that relate to a woman being “dirtier than dirt”?? Secondly, we don’t wash with dirt except if we touch a wet dog or his nose or tongue etc. This is the only incident in which we was 7 times once with dirt. And related to this point, there are scientific details which show that dirt removes the impurities from the dog and is also acting like abrasive against the skin. so your information is incorrect.

    Back to women, women are pure in nature vs impure in the Christian doctrine because we do not believe in original sin. Neither is the woman in Islam considered impure as the Jewish believe during their period. She still lays in same bad as her husband, cooks and touches the foods she prepares or serves, etc. If it was as you are stating, this will not occur. Part of the reasons why women are considered impure during their periods or post birth is true as the body is purifying itself from waste products. when the edometrium is not used or after birth, it is a cleansing process for the woman’s body.

    What ever resources you are studying from or whom ever is teaching you has a very twisted and incorrect version of islam. Always go back to the Quran and proper hadith if you want to really understand. Secondly you need to clean your heart from all the anger you have. I pray for you and yours. and hope that what ever issues you are facing will be resolved. Peace

  4. You consider washing your hands 5 times a day OCD??? Sad. Water is not only used for cleansing, it is also a means of relaxation, calming for both the mind and body. Try it, when you are frustrated or nervous, wouldnt you feel better washing your hands and face with cool water? How many movies even show us our typical behavior when upset– we go to bathroom and wash our face.

    Washing helps us to focus also. Please, open your mind some and obtain better resources for your researching.

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