Ramadan Greetings!

Assalamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh
700 year old Quran
My Dear Friends and the beloved Family:

Ramadan-the month of the Qur’an–the special guest of Allah (SWT) is visiting us. May Allah give us taufiq to treat it in the best manner we can.  Ameen

Ramadan is a very great and special gift from Allah (SWT) to Muslims.  It is the month of khair, barakah and patience.  The reward of patience is Jannah.  It’s the season of earning hasanat.  Allah has increased the reward of every hasnat multiple times in this month.

Alhamdulillah, Allah gave us the opportunity to enjoy the barakah of Ramadan.  Many people who witnessed the last Ramdan with us are not in this world this year!!!

Should we not make extra efforts to thank Allah (SWT) for giving us this opportunity?  Who knows tomorrow…………

Let’s make a lot of istigfar (asking forgiveness from Allah).  Let’s make lots of duaa.

The prophet Muhammad (SAW) and his companions used to increase their ebadah and good deeds in this month.  The prophet Muhammad (SAW) used to be the most generous during this month.

As it is the month of the Qur’an, may Allah give us taufiq to read the Qur’an more, understand it and to practice it in our daily lives.  Ameen

As it is said the life of Muhammad (SAW) was the tafseer of the Qur’an.  We should study his life and follow his sunnah.

Time runs very fast.  Let’s make firm decision and ask Allah’s help to plan to make the best use of the time before the month of Ramadan slips away quickly.

Make dua for the Muslims that may Allah help everyone to be a better Muslim and the true representative of the prophet Muhammad (SAW) and make sure the way to Jannah with the mercy of Allah (SWT).

Make duaa for the mankind that may Allah show the right path to every human being.

Make duaa for our parents and our awlaad.

Request to keep us in your duaa.

This is a humble effort to make myself stronger by reminding.  I know you are better than me.

Forgive me if I have done any wrong to you knowingly or unknowingly.

Requesting to make special duaa for us.

Fi Aman Allah,


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