Ten Common Mistakes During Ramadan

Man in sujud praying in a shinny masjid

source: Al-Jumuah Magazine, Vol 8, Issue 9

1. Excessive spending: Ramadhan should be a time to avoid being wasteful, and learning to be prepared in facing harder times by distinguishing the needs from the luxuries. Unfortunately, many people go beyond their limits to spend during Ramadhan. Whether in the varieties of food that they savor each night, or by the other types of spending.

2. Staying awake during the night and sleeping during the day: Some people sleep during most of the day when they are fasting. Ramadhan is not a time of being lazy, and this do not allow the full benefit from the experience of fasting. It is as if they have only inverted their nights into days and vice versa. In addition, some may spend a great portion of the night indulging in eating and drinking and socializing

3. Spending more time in socializing: Because people invite each other more often during Ramadhan they do tend to spend more time socializing with friends, and relatives. While it is a good deed to feed the fasting person, this should not result in precious time lost in vain talk. Use the occasion for remembering Allah and offering additional prayers, and for the Da’wah to Allah.

4. Insisting on performing a certain number of Rakaas during the Tarawih (night) prayer to the point of not praying behind the Imam and thus forfeiting the benefit of congregational prayer. This might also bring hatred and disagreement between the Muslims of one community.

5. Reading Qur’an too fast: Some insist on finishing the whole Qur’an once or more, even if they have to read very fast. Although reading the Qur’an many times is desirable, this should not be done hastily, especially during the Tarawih prayer without pondering upon its meaning. Allah ta’ala said: “This is a Book which We have sent down to you, full of blessings that they may ponder over its verses,” (Saad 38:29), and the Prophet sallallahu alayhe wa sallam said: “Those who read the Qur’an in less than three days do not grasp [its meaning]”

6. Socializing in l’tikaf: Many people are eager to do I’tikaf but some confine themselves in the masjid not to pray and worship Allah but to talk and socialize.

7. The ways of doing good are numerous in Ramadhan Many people try to perform more than they are able to. By going beyond their capabilities, they end up not performing any deed in the desired way.

8. Scholars and Dai’ahs should assume a more prominent role in educating the people – both by talking to them and by giving the best example in their behavior which should comply to the Shariah and following the Sunnah.

9. The Muslim should realize that his priorities dictate that he does what benefits him in the Hereafter and should not put worldly interests first.

10. The Muslim should apply himself to deepen his sense of following the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhe wa sallam, in every aspect of his life, at all times and especially during the month of Ramadhan. This necessitates seeking more knowledge about the Fiqh of fasting and its etiquette, assimilating the wisdom and goals of fasting, and facilitating the means that allow all the Muslims to benefit from their fasting.

We ask Allah to accept our fast and our good deeds.


4 Responses to Ten Common Mistakes During Ramadan

  1. oriana says:

    I wish no Muslim ill, but I deeply wish you take time to think of ways to stop Islamic terrorism and look deeply into why it exists.

    What is it in the Koran that makes people kill so they can have sex in paradise? Can you stop them from doing that? What makes them hate Jews, Christians and Hindus and feel superior to them and mock them with names like ape, pig and najis?

    Why do three jihad attacks take place every day of the year in which someone is killed?

    If you cannot stop terrorism, there will be a nuclear war within 30 years and it will be the fault of the original Islamic writings. It really doesn’t matter whether these writings were supposed to be a temporary measure. Large numbers of people take them to be eternal and they act on them. If you can’t stop people from believing the Koran teaches hatred of women and others, then the world will be finished and it will be the fault of Muslims who did nothing and failed to speak up.

    Why do you not look outwards to the harm Islam is doing to women and others, rather than inward to your subjective feelings of superiority? The moral superiority of Islam is far from evident to outsiders.

  2. Ten Common Mistakes During Ramadan…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  3. I greatly appreciate your good comment and the questions that it raises. Simply, people are human beings and many behave in ways which are often against Islamic teachings, or their twisted ways of understanding cannot allow for them to understand the truth of what Islam does teach. Alot of what is in the Quran is a guide to people for many different types of situations. Other parts are direct commands about the people who were living at that time and the wars and attacks they were suffering. If we are to take out specific verses of the Quran anyone can claim that it teaches hatred and terrorism and war. However one has to take the Quran in its entirety and understand the context of it. Where one place may urge believers to fight the non believers because they should defend themselves, their properties and beliefs, other verses tell us we should be fair and kind and helpful to all no matter what the religion. Christians and Jews had special place because we all basically believe in the same God Almighty, and claim to be monotheistic. However only Islam has been able to retain that title as all through the Quran ppl are instructed to leave all others and worship only God, the same God of Abraham, Moses, Noah and Jesus. Is it sad that some people take words out of context and create acts of terrorism? Yes. Do main stream Muslims cry out against that? Yes, please see writings of ISNA in the states and even of other Governments in the Middle East.

    The Quran does NOT teach hatred of women,, unless you are reading some weird translation, which by the way is NOT considered Quran. Quran can and is only accepted in Arabic in order for no modifications or changes to be made and to keep the book pure from human alterations. Once a book is translated many of its meanings change or are lost…

    There are many many areas of the Quran which stress the equality of women with men specifically on a religious basis. And also protect the rights of women. At a time when Europe was treating women as objects to be owned, Islam was teaching that women should keep their own names, not the names of their husbands, own their own property if they have means, and many of the great narrators of hadith were trusted and honored women. It is known that Khadija, Prophet Mohammed’s first wife, held a very special place in his heart to the point that Aisha was jealous of her even though Khadija had passed away by that time. Khadija was also a well known and respected merchant.

    Are some women being harmed by obnoxious men (fathers, husbands, brothers)? YES. But this can also be seen in western societies as well and has not so much to do with Islam as it does with gender relations throughout the world. Machismo, which is the behavior of men in a superior and often harmful manner, honors aggression against women. This is a gender issue found in Brazil and has nothing to do with Islamic teachings. However the number of women who suffer at the hands of men due to machismo is alot. Men even in the states often refuse their wife to go out of the home unless he is with her out of jealousy, many women are beaten, abused, and killed by the men in their life. This is not because of Islam. Do muslim men abuse their women? Deny them their Islamic rights? Yes there are some men who really need help!!! But as I said, this is a gender issue. Look to the religion as a ruler, not the humans who err and make mistakes and are sometimes even ignorant of what Islam is all about!!

    About the terrorism that is going on in the Middle East, if you would sincerely take time out to study the situation and history, read books like “They Dare To Speak Out”, by Senator Paul Findly, you will be really surprised. If someone came and kicked you out of your home, which you have a legal deed for. and they rob all of your belongings except what is on your back… will you just walk away and turn the other cheek or you will fight for your rights,, for the land you purchased, the home you had a mortgage on? If you have no legal entity such as police to go to for help and you are alone against all others even you are in your right? what shall you do? Did you know dear friend that many of the Palestinians are not even Muslim? They are also Christians!! But where is the world to denounce the terror that they live every day? It is not a simple cookie cutter situation and what I have learned traveling outside of the USA is that we in the states is that we live very protected lives, we dont see the horror of the war, the crimes being commited agains poor innocent people, nor the lies being told. The movie District 9 is really good in portraying how things are happening. Now instead of the aliens, make them Mexicans, Palestinians, Iraqi, Pakistani, Afghani, Sudan, Ethiopian, Eritrean ..the list goes on… Have you asked yourself why these people are angry??? Please take the time to ask and find out…maybe they have a right
    I do hope that God will guide the people to what is right and for us to be fair with all people and for us to not be oppressed.

  4. siddiqui junaid says:

    it is good think to clear all douts which is related to islam .many blessing to u .inshalla u will continu ur journey

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