Changing Habits During Ramadan


Assalam Alaikum,
Ramadan Mubarak :) Have been reading these tips and want to share them:
We all have habits that we may not like or that which may not be liked 
by Allah. As a result of this, we feel its negative effect in our lives. 
By its nature, a habit is basically something ingrained and hardwired in 
our mind. The best way to get over it, is not to try to stop the habit 
straight away, rather by starting and working on a counter habit. If you 
want to lose some weight for example – don’t start by stopping to eat, 
rather start developing a habit of regular exercise and then slowly work 
on cutting down on the food. This is more effective, more lasting and 
will probably bring in the result you want. You see, it is difficult to 
overcome habits that are and have been long standing, but relatively 
easy to start new ones.
I wanted to share with you a process that I follow to work on starting a 
new habit that counters a bad habit that I have. It is the following 6 
steps. These steps are essentially taken from the simple Islamic process 
of making repentance – firstly remembering the sin, regretting it by 
thinking about its implications, making a resolve to not repeat it, 
doing a good deed that will wipe out the sin, then surrounding yourself 
with ways of doing good and closing all doors to the bad and lastly 
being thankful to Allah for having guided you to the good and 
remembering that if you do the sin again, it is only going to be a new 
sin and not harm your previous repentance inshaAllah. In the context of 
habits, the steps are as follows:
1. Firstly, make yourself aware of that negative habit, when, where and 
how frequently do you happen to do it. How can you effectively make 
yourself aware of it? By telling others to spot it, by monitoring 
yourself as closely as possible, by jotting down every time that you 
remember that you did it. Example: Habit of missing the sunnah prayers.
2. Then, Ask yourself about what impact that habit has on yourself and 
on yours perception, personality and relationship with Allah. The more 
you focus on this, the more this becomes the lever of change. Example: 
Constantly missing the sunnah prayers makes a person a miser with his 
ibadah, not love the sunnah, legally removes his status as being just, 
removes the reward of having a new palace built for him/her in paradise 
daily – the more you focus on the problems of this bad habit, the more 
it will make you want to change it.
3. Next, focus on how willing and committed you are to making a change 
and on doing a counter habit. Think over the fence into the future – how 
it would be to not have the negative habit and to replace it with a 
positive one.
4. Then write a specific action that you will do to counter the habit 
and start the good habit. Be very specific and try to make it regular so 
that it actually becomes a habit. Remember – a habit is something that 
you do regularly! Example: specifically you will come to prayer 10mins 
early so you can do the sunnah prayer on time.
5. Next: Support yourself to develop that new good habit. How? Hang 
around good friends, put up reminders anywhere and everywhere, get your 
family and friends to support you by remind you about it.
6. Lastly: Reward yourself every time you do a good habit and don’t be 
too hard on yourself if you end up doing the bad habit here and there. 
Remember: Habit happens!
Remember that Allah loves those simple deeds that are done regularly 
rather than the major ones done irregularly. I invite you to use the 
above to remove a negative habit that you may have and then to develop a 
new good habit in this month. I am also adding here the link to the 
Ramadan Checklist that I had made last year to help you develop and 
stick to that good habit: 
<> So make this 
Ramadan special by starting a new habit of making dhikr constantly; 
reciting surah ikhlas 30 times a day so you get the reward of reciting 
the whole Quran 10 times a day; helping one poor person with a daily 
meal; sponsoring an orphan; getting up for qiyamul layl in the last 
third of the night every night of Ramadan; making dua only for 
Rasulullah sallallahu alaihi wa salam etc. Whatever habit you work on, 
believe me, you will certainly find tremendous barakah and become truly 
beloved to Allah, if you focus on making it less adhoc and more regular 
and constant – a true good habit!
Lastly my friends, if there is anything at all that I can do to help you 
or to make Ramadan more enjoyable for you and more successful for you, 
then please do not deny me the honour of aiding you in it. Please don’t 
hesitate to email me if you wish, or use the forums for any non-personal 
issues and questions that you may have: 
<> I hope to see you again sometime soon 
Wassalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu
Tawfique Chowdhury



6 Responses to Changing Habits During Ramadan

  1. Although I couldnt read them all right now, InshaAllah I will soon, JazakAllah for sharing.

  2. muslimgirl says:

    thank you for this

  3. inshallah, and if you have some of your own to share go ahead!

  4. welcome and thanks for visiting!

  5. Andris says:

    inshallah, and if you have some of your own to share go ahead!…

  6. Raya says:

    This was really helpful information. It helped me with my project.


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