In a store today, a little old lady with a big shopping cart was making her wait through a very narrow aisle, so I stepped aside as she walked by. Instead, she stopped dead in her tracks..

Little Old Lady (staring at me up and down and very amused): Oh! Hello there!
Me (caught off guard): Um, hello.
Little Old Lady: Where are you from!
Me:Um, here.
Little Old Lady: Oh wow, and you dress like that? (referring to my niqaab ensemble). Is that your custom?
Me: It’s part of my religion, I’m a Muslim.
Little Old Lady: Oh, how sweet. Do you beleive in Jesus?
Me: Yes, I do. I beleive he’s a Prophet of God.
Little Old Lady: Oh yes, and he’s our savior.
Me: Well…God is my savior.

The End : )

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