Rememberance of Allah


Life, with all of its daily struggles, often drains us of our energy and weakens emotions and faith.  To counteract these effects it is necessary for one to seek guidance and support from our Creator.  Who else is better to help than the one who understands and knows us so intemately?

It was once given as an example during a seminar, that the carpenter who built our table knows best how much weight it can stand, how it is best used, and what will damage it.  Allah is this way with us.  He knows all about us and what we need and when we need it.  It may not seem this way to us when we are wanting to gain sucess in this life, or to be able to purchase new things and can’t, or when we are suffering from an illness or other calamities.


Many times we are so tied up with what goes on in our daily lives we forget to acknowledge all of the many, many blessings that Allah swt has bestowed upon us.  Do we see the death of a loved one as a tragedy or a reality, and possibly a cloud with a silver lining to it?  If our car is repossessed, we can see it as a hassle and big problem, or think that maybe that car was a lemon and could have caused a deadly accident and Allah in his wisdom is protecting us from that.  We cannot always  understand  the works of God or the way He directs our lives.

Is it not appropriate then that we turn to Him in remembrance, both thankful and with prayers to help guide us, keep us safe and to bless us with what is good?  There is something that we can do daily and that is thikr and supplications (du’a) .  For many of us using a small book called Husn al Muslim is both a reminder of the du’a that the Sahaba and the Prophet pbuh used to say, and a guide for us to memorize from.

For those who do not have access to purchasing the book from a store, here is a site which offers this book in pdf format.  Please visit it and see also what other links may be useful for your needs.



Mother site:



2 Responses to Rememberance of Allah

  1. muslim says:

    jazak Allah khaira

    here are many free translations of this book in pdf format

  2. Thanks always for your great additions,,, may Allah swt bless you in this life and the hear after.

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