It may seem that outside events and conditions are what cause frustration.
But those outside circumstances are merely excuses, and do not actually create the frustration.

The frustration you experience is created by you.

It is a product of your own mind and your own ego, and cannot exist without your support.

Your frustration is a choice.

And just as easily as you can choose to experience it, you can also choose to let it go.

Remember that the next time you feel frustrated.

Remember that it does not have to be.

Frustration blinds you to the best possibilities, and puts valuable resources out of your reach.

There is no question that you’ll be far more effective without that frustration.

So when you find yourself frustrated, choose right then and there to raise your awareness to a higher level.

See how useless and unnecessary that frustration really is.

Then let it go, and free yourself to move quickly ahead.


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