Reconnect with nature

Raw Diet

Raw food diet

                      Raw food diet is the diet of the future!

         It reconnects us to the umbilical cord of Mother Nature…

                       It is the natural way of nourishment.

                          It is health, it is love, it is care,

                        for ourselves and the planet Earth.

What is “raw food diet”?

    “Raw food diet” means to eat our food the way nature gave it to us, that is 
    This does not mean that our menu has to be monotonous. Not only 
because there is a huge variety of food in nature, but also because thanks to 
our raw food diet predecessors, we have in our hands an entire art of creating 
very sustaining and tempting gourmet dishes. This art is constantly 
developing and backs up raw food diet, making it attractive to a wide 
    If fruits, vegetables and nuts did not exist, then there would have been no 
life on the planet, no animals and no humans!

Which foods are raw and “living” foods

    Raw and “living” foods are fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, cereals, 
sprouted grains.

What does “living food” mean?

    “Living food” is called this way, because it contains bio-energy and all its 
natural ingredients, such as in the case of fruits and vegetables. Grains can 
even grow and produce life. E.g. most nuts, when soaked for a few hours grow 
sprouts that can create a new plant. As a result, their alimentary value is 
maximized. The same thing happens with legumes (you might remember the 
lentils we grew at school).
    On the contrary, when cooked, all of the above foods can no longer do 
anything but rot. They can no longer give us all their nourishing 
ingredients, that could offer us energy and health.

Why is raw and living food healthier than cooked food?

    When food is cooked in temperatures higher than 118 degrees Fahrenheit, 
it loses its enzymes provided by nature to facilitate metabolism. It loses 50% 
of protein, minerals, vitamins and nutritious ingredients in general. As a 
result, we eat more, in order to take what is left of nutritious ingredients after 
cooking. This is a primary cause of obesity.
Contrary to that, there is not a single overweight raw foodist in the entire 
    The lack of enzymes in food is also responsible for feeling overblown, 
heavy and sleepy after a (supposedly) full meal. The organism expends all its 
energy to metabolize foods that contain no enzymes.
    On the contrary, raw foodists present no such symptoms. After a full meal, 
they feel light and full of energy!

Why raw food diet?

    Raw food diet turns back the clock of aging, both spiritually and 
physically, in a natural way!
    Without any exception, all raw foodists in the world report in their 
writings the same positive results, such as:
-loss of extra weight
-getting rid of gluttony
-adoption of a positive stance towards life and good mood
-getting rid of depression
-getting rid of headaches
-getting rid of problems before and during menstruation
-disappearance of cellulitis
-thickening of hair
-disappearance of white hairs
-getting rid of allergies
-getting rid of mycoses
-getting rid of arthritis
-getting rid of phobias
-getting rid of addictions (cigarettes, alcohol, coffee, etc)
-getting rid of chronic fatigue
-getting rid of stomach disorders
-getting rid of acne and skin problems
-getting rid of bad breath and bodily smell
And many many more.
    The list is long, because each raw foodist reports different problems they 
got rid of!
    Furthermore, there are many who report being self-healed from serious 
ailments like cancer. Of course, this being a very serious matter, and since 
we are not specialists, we cannot have an official stance on this particular 
subject. Yet, in any case these testimonies deserve serious examination.
    The following web sites are only a fraction of what can be found on the 
internet in relation to this subject. They contain a wealth of information that 
may even save lives.
    A question logically arises: Why are all these cases kept secret? Why are 
they not in the news all around the world? Why? Who gains from hiding the 
    Is it possible that a single way of life leads always to better 
Does raw food diet heal?
                      No. Raw food diet does not heal.

What raw food diet does, is giving the organism the necessary background to 
heal itself!

Self-healing is a function of the human organism, the wisdom of nature!




  1. Chuck says:

    This diet sounds very useful and beneficial, it would be a tough transition though!

  2. great stuff… got any sources for this post?

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