Taking a left turn…. to the right decision

Sometimes  we face events in our life that cannot be explained, but when we look back we know without any doubt in our minds that those events were not just coincidental, but happened for a reason.  Through clear eyes we can see the ‘hand’ of God leading us to a path which frees us from our previous trepidations, difficulties and for many people their lives make a complete turn around for the better.  

Islam is the fastest growing religion with not only people converting after careful study, but many born Muslims are also having a rebirth of faith.  According to NBC research, approximately 20,000 convert to Islam yearly, and women 4x more frequently then men.*  It seems to me that if Islam was so oppressive to women, then they would not convert in such high numbers after studying it so well.  Men are also converting in increasing numbers when they study about islam and find out what the religion versus tradition really teaches.  Many are in fact suprised when they read the Quran for the first time, expecting it to be a strange book talking about unknown or bizzar religious practices.  Instead what they find is a book which confirms and extends the teachings which were given to Abraham, Moses and Jesus.  

Following is one such British gentleman who decided to accept Islam after realizing that Islam is a religion for all mankind, not just Arabs.



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