6 Natural Therapies For Adult ADHD



Workers who have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) perform 22 days less work per year than people who don’t have the disorder, according to a research consortium at Harvard Medical School.

More than 7,000 employed and self-employed adults were screened for ADHD as part of the World Health Organization’s World Mental Health Survey Initiative. They were also asked about their performance at work in the last month. On average, 3.5 per cent of workers had ADHD. By extrapolating the data, those with ADHD were found to spend 22.1 more days per year not doing work compared to others without the disorder. This was made up of 8.4 days when they were unable to work or carry out their normal activities, 21.7 days of reduced work quantity and 13.6 days of reduced work quality.

Fortunately, adult ADHD can be addressed through natural therapies, including:

  • Fish Oil: Omega 3 fatty acids, abundant in fish oil, are crucial for proper brain function. I recommend two to three grams daily.
  • Meditation: Mindfulness meditation has been shown to help both adults and teens with ADHD.
  • Exercise: Regular physical activity has been shown to raise levels of dopamine, which can improve concentration and focus.
  • Additionally, adding into your healthy cereals fresh grains especially flax seeds, not only help mental ability in general but also help concentration.
  • Other foods recomended for concentration are: blueberries, prunes and mangos. Walnuts, bananas and strawberries are also good for memory and raising the mood. 
  • Cherries can help with insomnia which often can cause symptoms of ADHD or ADD to increase.
  • Finally, getting enough regular, scheuled sleep in important.  Going to sleep late and then sleeping in to make up for the hours you missed actually does more harm than good.  going to bed at a decent time and waking up early is healthier and better for the mind.

Feeling occasionally distracted, disorganized or forgetful is common in today’s sensory-overload culture, but if such feelings are continuous or severely impacting your life, consider consulting a mental health professional to see if you meet the clinical criteria for ADHD.







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  1. Thanks for your post. It’s good to read something related to ADHD that makes sense. I’ve made a note of your site details and will visit again.

  2. Verry good article you have here about natural remedies and the best health tips with natural products…

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