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Friday, Septemper 19, 2008

Who We Are

Click here to EnlargeWe, The Message International, are a volunteer based, not-for-profit organization dedicated to bridging the gaps between the world and their information about Islam. Our aim is to convey the pristine, unadulterated message that has been so putridly tainted in recent times, especially here in the United States. Our goal is, by the invitation to and propagation of the Religion of Allaah, to promote peace, harmony, and the ongoing endeavor of making this world a better place at both the individual and societal levels. We undertake the work of Dawah (inviting others to Islam) very seriously and with a sense of urgency as an inherent obligation in the footsteps of the prophet Muhammad sallAllaahu alayhi wasallam.

– We offer 100% Free Islamic Materials (Quran, Books, CDs & Brochures) in many Languages through our web sites and a toll free number.
– We supply Islamic materials to Public and Governmental US Organizations such as: Army, Hospitals, Law Enforcement Agencies, Prisons, Universities, Worship-Houses, and Shelters.
– We organize and establish indoor as well as outdoor Community tables.
– We hold conferences & interfaith dialogues.
– We serve and assist thousands of New-Muslims.



8 Responses to Free Qurans at Message International

  1. rauf zakari says:

    please i need a quarn to read but here in my village you can not get some to buy. so please help me with one witten in arabic with ennglish address is rauf zakari bbabi, police exp. sch. box 26 sunyani b/a ghana.

  2. suragi danjuma says:

    hello,dear brothers and sisters,am very happy to write you this latter the reason am writing you this later is, please we need your help with some qurans i no by the name of Allah you will help as, first we are a student of Islamic school in
    Ghana, swedru so please we need your help with so we so qurans so that we can continues the Islamic school.please we ned qurans from <fatia to yasin,i no by the name of allah you will help as and we are about 6 people,thank you!!!!!!! P.O.BOX 471 GHANA CENTRY REGION SWEDRU

  3. As a UK-based Cowboys fan, I found your blog on google and read a few of your other ‘boys posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  4. Ayub Akeem Olalekan says:

    I need a copy of quran.Thanks

  5. Zibrila Mustapha says:

    hi am mustapha from ghana and will like u to order me a free quran.hope to hear from u

  6. Mustapha says:

    hi i will need a quran large in is my address;
    Issifu Zibrila
    Post Office Box TTL439

  7. Asalam u alikum ISLAMIC WORLD, m frm kashmir (india), plz help us, here in kashmir maximum muslims have become worst than non muslims as they are doing shirk, telling against quran & hadith. Kashmir is same today as that of MAKKAH B4 PROHPHET MUHAMMAD (P.B.U.H). More than 95% population here are telling that we are muslims but 80% (approx.) are involved in shirk. I REQUEST MUSLIM WORLD THAT PLZ HELP KASHMIR.

  8. Although I have posted this as a service to spread information I am not the person to contact to obtain Qur’an, however I have notified a friend of mine who will inshallah send you one and I hope that it will be large enough for your needs. Thank you for contacting us and We hope you continue to read our site. Fi amanillah, Sarah

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