Hadith: The most perfect believer


The Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) said:

`The most perfect believer in faith is the one whose character is finest and who is kindest to his wife.’

( Quotes on marriage from Tirmidhi and Nasa’i)

22 Responses to Hadith: The most perfect believer

  1. Sania khan says:

    ISLAM — The Solution for humanity.

  2. majnun says:


    May allah endow us with a caring sweet heart.

    Jk for visiting my blog also..

    mashallah your is very informative.

  3. PSP says:

    I have to agree with this post.

  4. Excellent . Keep it up

  5. Marinkina says:

    То что бредомысли это точно :)
    Видно настиг творческий кризис. Мысле нет о чем писать :)

  6. Mashallah, Bro keep posting.

  7. maryam akram says:

    aslaam o alykum,
    this is the first time that i’m visitng your blog.
    it looks so good mashaALlah.
    i’ll keep reading inshaALlah, and i’m adding you to my blogroll inshaALalh.
    great job mashaALalh.

    take care salaam :)

  8. Thanks for your positive comments,,, May Allah swt help me to keep going with it…

  9. As salaam alaikum.

    It’s been some time!!! Just surfing through.

    Ma’as salaama,
    nuh ibn

  10. descargar msn says:

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  12. Wonderful Hadith.

    Authentic words of prophet Muhammad (pbuh) are the examples by which we can learn proper conduct.

    It is sad to see how ignorant individuals attack Islam and our prophet for what he is NOT and what he was totally against.

    Peace and blessings of Allah be on all righteous believers.

  13. asger shah says:

    masahallah islamtube.tv

  14. Abu al Ola says:

    Mashallah, very good topic you chose! We see many men that hurry to marry without even thinking what marriage means. They think that if they can provide food, shelter and clothes for their wife, they fulfilled their duty. But they tend to forget that the wife has other needs, too and that they need to treat them well, talk to them, understand their needs, ease their life…
    Jazakallhu khairan for the blog!

  15. Lucy says:

    Hi, I’m a person thinking about converting to islam…. these kinda of things are great to come across. I’ve been reading alot watching videos on you tube and meeting muslims on http://www.muslimsmingle.com. It’s all so interesting…. i’ve met different types of muslims… they seem nice… think the media is a little unfair.

  16. Thank you Lucy, I hope that if you have any questions feel free to contact us..
    While I tend to agree that actually most media does not reflect reality, as Muslims we have to behave in ways that are in line with the teachings from God, yet, as humans sometimes we fall short of that. I hope that you can always distinguish the teachings from those who try to follow it. The teachings are perfect yet we are not. May God lead us always on the straight path…

  17. Проблема возникла с волосами, редеют серьезно. Почитал в Интернете, такое ощущение, что все как могут, так и пытаются справиться.
    Интересует что-нибудь реальное. Может кто пробовал чего и 100% помогло.
    Например, есть различные препараты, вот мивал нашел. Сертификаты есть. На эффект бы посмотреть после него, может фотки есть до и после?
    Различная магия не интересует, сразу говорю, а то развелось рекомендателей, блин.
    Резюмирую: помогите решением, может это просто нервы)) должен быть простой выход из ситуации, мне кажется.
    п.с. С психологом уже консультировался, собственно он к трихологу и отправил.

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  19. now that I have known this hadith, Insha-Allah, when i marry, I’ll be kind to my wife. SubhanAllah!!!
    Nice Post by the way!

  20. ladykat3 says:

    i’m too young for a man named a husband… and i didn’t mingle with guys..
    but still hoping for a good hubby..

  21. so nice and cute, may Allah bless you with a humble and faithful husband to live together in peace and follow Islam for akhira

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