How to end kids leaving cereal boxes open

Do you often find the cereal boxes open to dust, bugs and weavels in the cabinets and cuboards? Does the cereal often spill out making a mess to attract insects or maybe even rodents, let alone just another job for you to have to clean up? Often we ask our children to fold the inside bags of cereal boxes to keep the contents fresh and crisp, only to find the next morning that the cereal is soggy if living in a humid area near lakes or rivers or seashores. 

Is this what your cabinet looks like, with the liners out and the boxes just shoved inside?


Instead of getting frustrated and yelling at the kids over and over, find a simple solutuion that makes it easy and fool proof for them to close up and pick up after themselves!  One such solution is to purchase inexpensive plastic containers that are see through with easy to close lids. Some times I can mix different kinds of flake cereals like raisen bran with country flakes to make a compromise between tastes.  Also by actually seeing the cereal helps the children choose what they feel like eating versus seeing a box.  Thirdly, it keeps the cereal fresher longer and nohumidity,dust, bugs or insects can get inside the containers.  Lastly, if you do not have insects in your home, keeping spills out of the cupboards will continue that good trend.  Below is a different picture of the same cabinet where the boxes have been replaced by some purchased containers.  On the last shelf on the left there are two plastic containers.  The smaller semi transparent one is actually a recycled container that had cheese in it!  So look around you and see what you have that can be used or purchased to redesign your cabinets and keep them clean and tidy!



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