By Tara Gregory

I want to share my story about my journey to wear hijab in the hopes that some aspiring sister will glean strength from it, insha’allah. Sisters, you can do it! Just keep in mind that
you need to please Allah (swt) before you please anybody. Shaitan is whispering in your ears and trying to keep you away from doing something that makes Allah (swt) happy. Don’
listen to him, because if you do you will be obeying him and this could make Allah (swt) angry. Shaitan is promising you good things if only you keep away from hijab. Really he is
deceiving you because he knows once you follow him he has fullfilled his promise he made to Allah (swt) to mislead others. Don’t let Shaitan make you one of his soldiers! Decline
his invitation to spend eternity in the hellfire! Instead, race to Jannah (heaven) sisters….and let hijab be one of your steps towards the finish line!

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2 Responses to THE ROAD TO HIJAB

  1. eternalight114 says:


  2. quran says:

    Hijab is truely a great thing. Islam gives respect to women by giving her gift of Hijab.

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