Islamaphobia Explained!



This power point explains why so many of us fear what we dont know or dont understand.  Jihad actually is much more about the work a person does to control the desires of their own personality or character.  Jihad is really about how much a person struggles against the negative aspects within their personality or character, and working on becoming a better person in control of their faculties such as anger, passion, desire, lust, greed and so on.  This kind of jihad is much harder and goes on day to day.

Secondly, maybe miswritten here in the ppt is that women are not forced per se to wear the hijab but in order to submit to the will of God, a woman will chose to wear it in order to please God and to fulfill His requirements given in the Quran, where it is simply and clearly stated that a woman should draw from her veil and cover her neck slit of the dress and her bossom.  I hope that this ppt will help to dispell many of the misconceptions that surround Islam and Muslims.


One Response to Islamaphobia Explained!

  1. razil razaque says:

    mashallah !!
    excellent….everyone should read this….
    its the ultimate truth….

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