HOW DO I KNOW WHEN TO START FASTING? Downloadable program will help you

For many Muslims around the world who do not live near a mosque or masjid, they do not have access to athan, so here is a site which one can insert their location and the program can be downloaded to your computer and you can choose which type of athan you prefere.  Please note that in some places such as Saudia Arabia, and Tucson, we do not use day light saving time so you need to put no in that block.

I hope that this will help those who dont know what time they need to start fasting at sunrise or what time they can break fast at maghrib.  Please note that if you do not know what co ordinates you need it is so easy to google them, just google lattitude and longitude for …… San Francisco, or Montreal, or New Brunswick or which ever city you are near that may be a major city.

Once you have the longitude and latitude numbers, enter them into the IslamicFinder athan program and it will give you the Qibla direction comparable to north, and the timings for all prayers and they will update daily on its own.  Also note that you may chose to have the athan on or off or to choose the style of athan that appeals to you.


I greatly hope that this is a help to many of you. Ramadan Kareem.




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