What are Dolls Teaching our Girls??

Saturday, February 16, 2008

From: http://hijabifashionista.blogspot.com/2008_02_01_archive.html

Is this what we want our girls to really be playing with and immitating?

Is it just me, or are dolls getting dirtier and dirtier?(to say it nicely) IF I dressed like this, well, ASTAGHFIRRALLAH! You can’t even tell if these dolls are smiling or not because their mouths already take up half their faces! They’re supposed to be like, what? 12? 17? 40? Their everyday clothing looks like they’re about to go clubbing or something astaghfirruallah. SoOOO do you really want your children, cousins or siblings to be playing with these dolls?

Even the “Bratz Baby” doll – (the one that’s supposed to be younger) wears like, Lingerie!

And just to note, a real human being cannot grow that much hair in like their first 5 years of life!?!?!?!?!?!

So what’s the difference between the dolls above, and the muslim dolls in the shelf? Are the muslim dolls created a real necessity? I think so! Not only are they good role models for young muslim girls, but we hijabifashionistas could learn a thing or two from this new “genre” of plastic toys .. the muslim barbie. ! Instead of boring you with all the info from the inventors of these dolls, I’ll just summarize it – basically they were created by muslim woman and men who saw some kids (be it their own or just some random kids) playing with normal Barbie dolls, and decided they didn’t convey Islamic dress codes and were bad influences on their daughters. SOOOO here they are! Take note of what they’re wearing and haavee fun with this little blast from our past.. I wish they were around when I was little!

Let’s start off with the following; Dara and Sara – the Iranian dolls

I read this article at: www.islamfortoday.com/iran02.htm and…
They called these two dolls, “Irans answer to Ken and Barbie” I’m just hoping these two aren’t dating because although they may look arab, I don’t think they’re following muslim valuuuuueees..

I have to admit these two are cute, but I do think the toy seller ‘Ms. Rahimi’ is a little too welcoming of this doll when she says; “I think every Barbie doll is more harmful than an American missile,”

Umm.. I don’t know about that.. but atleast we know for sure that ‘Ms.Rahimi’ thinks that Ken and Barbie are complete corruptors of muslim childrens’ minds.
I’m not too sure about that however, I mean, I grew up playing with Ken and Barbie and alhamdulilah I’m alright. What do you think about this? Are Barbie and Ken real threats to muslim children.


Aww.. is that the muslim Ken? There should be a muslim doll bachelor contest! hahhaaa

I think this one is sooo pretty! Kind of reminds me of the Red Outfit I created! With the red hijab, tunic, pumps and white pants! And I saw this picture AFTER I created the outfit! Talk about coincidental. ANNND talk about how you really CAN use a barbie doll to plan an outfit. Make sure it’s a muslim barbie doll and not a bratz doll however, or you might just be asked, “how much?” OKOK i’m sorry !! apology for that unnecessary comment but yeah. Seriously.



This one is adorable too! I am loving the way the hijab is wrapped!! Notice how the hijab is just one of the minor colors in the top? Just like in the very first outfit I created!


Keep your hijab a solid color if the top you are wearing is printed. You can wear a printed hijab however, if the top is solid!


COol! A hijabifashionista tip inspired by a doll!


It looks like an indonisian bride! what else do you expect from an indonesian based doll? How gorgeous! except it has caucasian features.. hmmm (Just accept it..)

This PIcture>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Maybe a hijabi nurse could wear it? HAHAAA

Is it weird that I am in love with these outfits? No. Because they’re cute!

Alright, aside from the top (which is oddly shaped) I like this outfit! I really love this hijab style!
A closer look at how they tie these hijabs… I lovelovelove it!
All these hijabi dolls (the ones above) are from the “Arrosa” doll collection. As I mentioned, it was started by an indonesian mother wasn’t pleased with the clothing the dolls her daughter played with were wearing – AND SHE DID SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Masha allah! We can all learn something from her!
Fulla Dolls!

Fulla dolls are also one of my favorite dolls! Why? I read this one article about the Fulla label and it said that there was definatly no Ken in the picture, but the only male characters are a future over-protecting older brother and teacher. I mean, THERE’S GOING TO BE A LOVING OLDER BROTHER!? How cute is that?

OHhhh! This one is sure to be fashionable in the house, but she comes with an abaya for when she goes out! This cccccracks me up! But I love it!

I know my tone was somewhat sarcastic, and I don’t mean to be harsh at all – I really do love the dolls. Actually, last time I was in Oman, I picked up some fulla pillowcases! Hehe and I love them!

In the article by Mary Fitzgerald writes; “There is “Outdoor” Fulla with a gold-trimmed black abaya decorated with a flower print. Meanwhile, “Indoor” Fulla comes dressed in a funky gold lurex top and hip-hugging jeans”
More Muslim dolls:

How gorgeous is this doll? I wish it were around when I was little! … I want one now though…

Well, time to wrap this up… Not only because this is all my muslim doll research but also because i’ve been told I should “get off the laptop already!”
I’m sure you learned something- whether it be more about muslim fashion or just that muslim dolls exist, i’m glad I could help!
P.S. Please leave comments so that I know you’re reading!

please see more at:  http://hijabifashionista.blogspot.com/2008_02_01_archive.html


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  2. South Africa says:

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    Thank you it’s good of you

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