Got Toddlers? — Need Help!


How often do you find yourself towards the end of the day, the kids are tired, YOU are tired, every one seems cranky, and there are still a million and one things that seem to need to be done before you go to bed.  One of those is cooking dinner, and you are trying to figure out how to keep the little ones occupied long enough to throw together a semi healthy semblance of a meal.

Well help is here and these ideas are simple and easily put together either on the spot or others can be done ahead of time for a rainly day.  I will try to add in more weekly to keep up the the demanding need for novelty of these wonderful creative and clever kids we call toddlers.

  • One of the first things to do while cooking is to have one cabinet that is safe for your young one to also cook along with you!  Often we have Tupperware or other kinds of plastic bowls that stack within each other that make great learning games for little kids. Or you can have a crate set aside as a Bakers Box, with such items as baking trays, cookie cutters, measuring spoons, mixing bowls, rubber spatula and wooden spoons.  The child can then pretend to mix and bake just like you are.  If you have a slightly older child who maybe more responsible, you may have an airtight container with playdough in it and they can pretend to make shape cookies to “bake” in the oven.
  • What do you do with all those scraps of paper when you cut out things? or cupons from a news paper but u never used them and they expired? Keep them handy in a ziploc bag along with a child safe glue stick, and recycled paper and let your toddler glue away making a collage of scrapes and or cupons! Hang it for proud display on the fridge when done.
  • Create a Grocery Store simply by keeping a few paper bags, empty cereal boxes that you retape closed, empty pudding or Jello boxes, reglued or taped closed, or other small bottles.  If you are using bottles with lids, glue gun the lids to the bottles to keep them from being a chocking hazard and check them frequently in case the children try to open them.  A dollar store or thrift shop will have baskets to keep the items in while the children can pretend to do their shopping in the bags, or better yet, strike two birds with one stone and teach about recycling by using reusable bags to do shopping in, by getting one of the cloth, net or the new plastic mesh bags.  Then just let imagination go! 

If any one would like to add their ideas, just post to comment!


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