How to make proper wudu or ablution before prayer

This is one part of a series showing how muslims pray.  In this segment we an see how we can correctly make wudu or ablution – washing to purifiy oneself before praying.  This is the same process for all of the five daily prayers and is the same for both men and women (except of course we women dont have a beard lol)  One of my favorite sunna or stories is that Hassan and Hussein went to the masjid to pray and found an old man making wudu but incorrectly.  they pondered how to advise the old man in the correct method without insulting him.  So they went to him and said , oh dear uncle please solve a dispute among us as we are confused as to who is making correct wudu.  So each proceeded to make wudu and when finished they asked the old man to judge between them.  He said oh sons, it is I who is worng and you who are correct in making wudu.

I love this story because it shows how a good muslim should be considerate of each other and of those who are older when trying to give advice in a humble manner.

If anyone knows of the daleel for this story please add it in the comment area.




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