Hijab Tutorial Video: Kuwaiti Style


One Response to Hijab Tutorial Video: Kuwaiti Style

  1. Katie Rhoda says:

    I’m glad you said that there are no silly or stupid questions because I feel silly asking you these:
    1. Are you wearing gloves? If so, are you not allowed to show your hands?
    2. You do not show your face. Is this merely what is convenient for the shooting of the video or does it have a religious reason?
    3. A muslim woman once asked me if I am muslim (I am not) but at that time I was wearing a typical non-muslim outfit of t-shirt and jeans – no head scarf or anything loose fitting. She was wearing hijab. Shouldn’t she assume that I am not muslim because I am not wearing hijab or even loose fitting clothes. Maybe she thought I am imodest?

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