Hijab Option for London Policewomen

Hijab Option for London Policewomen


London: The Metropolitan Police in London has accepted Hijab as a uniform option for Muslim women serving in the force. The announcement was made  at a conference on the theme of “Protect and Respect: Everybody’s Benefit”. The move is seen as a further sign of official acceptance of Britain as a religiously diverse society where faith-related accommodations should be made for all individuals.

The Muslim media in Britain had argued for accepting Hijab as a uniform option just as the turban was accepted as a part of the uniform for Sikh policemen. Sikh motorcyclists are also allowed to wear a turban in place of a crash helmet. Muslim policewomen will now be allowed to wear headscarf and the ankle length gown. Muslim police officers will now be allowed to pray on duty, demand halal food and have altered meal schedules during Ramadan.

In the above picture two models Shahnaz Shashudin and Syria Hussain are modeling hijab uniform for women police constables in front of New Scotland Yard, the headquarters of the London Metropolitan Police.


One Response to Hijab Option for London Policewomen

  1. Mass says:

    I laughed when I first saw the title.
    I wonder if I ever get “criminal” ideas would I be detered by the two sisterpolice women buying fish and chips on the street ? would they need to go through special training or somethin to avoid being shy to arrest bros and not let them go away..

    I wonder to what degree of “Halalness” is it for sisters to have a job like that.

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