The beauty of a woman is not only in her physical features, but rather in her character, personality, and in her piety.  A woman who is able to face the world with a smile and graciousness in the event of trials and struggles, and can stand tall knowing that she is working for a home in paradise, radiates a light and glow that cannot be hidden.  People, both men and women, will stand before God on equal basis, and on that point, hijab and dress in general helps us to remind ourselves that we are similar before Allah except in our deeds and levels of piety. 

Out of modesty and virtue a women will cover her hair with a scarf and wear modest clothing which is loose and does not describe the shape of her body, exposing only her hands and face.  Different countries have different styles of hijab.  And women feel beautiful wearing it knowing that she is pleasing Allah and maintaining her dignity.  Additionally, she is treated in a manner where people look at her for who she is, not for what she is wearing, or how she looks.  As we like to say…………….


I chose to cover my head,




not my mind!

beauty in hijabHIJAB IS BEAUTIFUL 
















18 Responses to BEAUTY OF HIJAB

  1. abdulmuien says:

    Dear Sis,
    Thanks and I am proud of your courage as being a convert, you are at the right direction to ‘cover’ and know the beauty of Hijab.

  2. Forina says:

    Salam, just wantd 2say alhamdulillah i am a sister living in the UK and i observe the hijab and jilbaab and i am proud 2wear it..hijab liberates me! I thank Allah for the beauty of it..may we all be guided inshALLAH.

  3. Holly says:

    More power to those women who choose to practice Hijab but I think it is very important for those who choose to practice Hijab to fight for those who choose not to practice Hijab. If you don’t fight for that freedom then the world thinks that you are forced to practice Hijab by the men in your lives and not on your own.

  4. Mohammed says:

    As a man i bilieve girls look much much better when wearing hijab. It is adding more beauty to a girl face

  5. George Carty says:

    How can anyone claim hijab is liberating? If it was, then loads of non-Muslim women would wear it too, wouldn’t they?

    I sometimes wonder whether I’m a woman-hating scumbag, because I think hijabis are beautiful…

  6. George I think they don’t– simply because they don’t know about it and if they do there is such a negative astigmatism that goes along with it especially for those who see Islam as a religion of terror. They see a hijab as resembling fanatical ideals. But yes,,, hijab is beautiful and modesty is feminine. If you would allow me to make a joke, simply not having to fight about what to wear every morning is such a huge relief!!! I know I can put on my outer cloak and a hijab that will match it ( and if you choose white it goes with almost everything) and there you go, you are dressed and look nice!! :)

  7. Hi, I’am from indonesia . I’am wearing hijab too , but alhamdulillah in here , there’s no negative agtigmatism because most of us is moslem.
    I don’t know in the other countries, is hijab makes u different or not.

  8. samad says:

    I am a single man living in canada, when I see muslim girls here with thier hejab, I really feel proud of them. Hejab gives ladies special beauty. For me, ladies with hijab deserve lots of respect and admiration.

  9. flashy Mc loop says:

    Thank you! just what I need to read right now…

  10. Moon says:

    I am a Mexican-American and I’m wearing hijab in the U.S. and Mexico. I feel very proud to be recognized as muslim and to represent Islam. I feel we all as muslimas have to set a good example to the world by the way we conduct ourselves in society. I’ve had some unpleasant experiences with a few ppl. But, I try to approach them and ask them if there is anything I can clarify for them or even if they just have any question. Some react in a positive way and some don’t. Anyway I continue to try. Inshallah, life will be better for all of us if we try being diplomatic and not be easily angered by the odd looks or questions.
    My prayers to all of you.

  11. Mashallah what a great example for others to follow may Allah strengthen and reward your efforts always!!

  12. Waseem says:

    Hijab is the best dress for ladies.Hijab is the Actual beauty of a lady.” HIJAB IS FREEDOM, NOT OPPRESSION” I AM 100 % AGREE WITH THIS.


  13. aadan says:

    I am a single man living in Somalia , when I see muslim girls here with thier hejab, I really feel proud of them. Hejab gives ladies special beauty. For me, ladies with hijab deserve lots of respect and admiration.

  14. Ahmad Malik says:

    Salamu alaikum.

    Alhamdulillah, I am a male filipino muslim, and christian catholic is the majority religion in our country. Sometimes, when I’m walking on the streets I see people in a crowd going to every different directions and wearing different clothes especially women, I cannot distinguish the muslim women from the crowd unless they wear their proper hijab. When I see someone wearing it, I smiled at them. And I frowned to those who don’t..

  15. Sometimes its good to smile at those who do not also and encourage them to wear it… thanks for your post.

  16. kawthar says:

    Smiling is sunnah !

  17. Asif says:

    As Salam Walaikum,

    Hijab is Grace. I am in such arguments since a few weeks, however i realised one thing, No one but only a female can understand the Grace, importance and beauty of hijab (Covering oneself) its just that few females deny it. But deep inside they themselves know the ans rest everything is just for argument sake.

    One more thing, i am married to a new muslim, she is Good to wear Hijab for me but she is not convinced with the logic behind it. Help me with more logic…… God Bless You All.

  18. I appreciate your comment, and may Allah swt guide your wife to find the beauty and reward for wearing hijab in response to Allah”s request. I would ask you to share several of the articles listed under the category hijab and find the strength of the women who have chosen it. Basically, when I became muslim i did so with the full understanding of what Islam was = submission to the will of God Almighty. This meant that I accepted everything in the Quran as my guidance. And therefore, naturally it leads one to say ok, Allah required us to wear hijab therefore this is an obligation to do… and Allah knows what is best for us. May Allah give her guidance and support from other good sisters.

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