Where Muslims Worship


mosque in madina saudi arabia

Islam is a religion for all peoples, for all times, and for all places.  A Muslim can worship God – Allah, all day long in any place that is clean and pure.  That means that you may find people praying in the corner of a mall, outside in the park if the grass seems to not have any visible filth, and yes…. when the need arises… even in airports.  There are a few things that are necessary to pay attention to when a Muslim wants to worship or pray.
First of all naturally is the intention to pray.  Secondly is to be in a state of purity by making wudu or ablution. This is a manner of washing before praying which includes washing the hands, mouth, nose, face, both arms, wiping the head and ears, and washing the feet.


Thirdly is the place in which he or she will pray.  Some places will have statues or figurines and this is not a proper place to make prayer, nor a place where dogs come and go.  Practicing Muslims stay away from decorating with statues in their homes so as not to conflict with worshiping idols and this is following a hadith:
 Abu Talha narrated that the Prophet (pbuh) said: Angels (of mercy) do not enter a house wherein there are dogs or a picture of a living creature (a human being or an animal;one that has a soul) sahih Bukhairi 4:448

 This is out of respect for God in that only He is the soul creator and we cannot compare with His greatness.

Forthly, both men and women must be dressed properly.  Men must be covered from the navel to the knee, and more modestly is to also have a shirt. Women should be covered except for her face and hands.
Lastly, many people like to enter masjids or mosques to pray.  Men especially are required to attend prayers on Friday and listen to a lesson before the prayer.  This is a vital part of daily life and is a requirement upon all men, and every step towards the mosque is a reward for the person.  Below is a picture of how some mosques are built.

  parts of a mosque or masjid


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