My first experience with the Qur’an

While in college in Arizona, I met some women from Malaysia who were muslim and I was shocked as to how they could cover themselves in 112*F heat! So I started to talk with them and one of them gave me a Qur’an in English and I started to read it.  Many things I couldnt understand on my own and they had to be explained and I quickly learned that the media takes many things from the Qur’an out of context.  Anyway I came across one verse that mentions mountains being balwarks in the earth.  Instead of looking balwark up in the dictionary I asked a classmate to read the arabic and translate its meaning for me.  Since the Qur’an was first written down, not one letter has been changed.  In order for new printings to be made several scholars who have memorized all of the text must read it, ok it, compare it to previous copies, and then stamp and seal it.  Memorization of the whole Qur’an is a great feat and honor.  Translations of the Arabic into other languages are NOT considered to be the Qur’an—- they are no longer pure in their meaning once u translate there will be a change or dicrepancy of meanings.  therefore only the origonal Arabic text is kept and translations are used only to help those who dont know arabic to understand some.  So when I asked about this verse, it was explained to me that mountains are like teeth and have roots down into the earth, like a peg to hold the land.  And this is true.  I was shocked.  I sat down and thought about it by myself and wondered,,, if this Mohammed had written this book from his own mind,,,,,, how could he have known this information 1400 years ago?? There is no way he or anyone else at that time could have dug so deep and at such an angle to be able to get to the “root” and if they did—- they most likely wouldnt recognize it because just like you cannot see the forest when you are standing in the middle of all the trees!!!  As I continued to read more and more I found many other things which amazed me and slowly I began to realize that this book was not written by man.


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